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An Introduction to Rehabilitation, Recovery & Addiction Treatment

You have questions. We have answers.  The first step in recovering from any addiction is to acknowledge the addiction and choose to recover. It sounds simple, but it the process can be daunting. The rehabilitation process can take time and will often require an addict to greatly change their lifestyle or environment, and like with […]

Behavioral Educational Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Luxury & Executive Treatment Paying for Rehab Recovery and Treatment Info What Addictions Can Be Treated

Will insurance cover my behavioral addiction?

At the moment, behavioral addictions or “soft” addictions such as compulsive gambling, sex addictions, work addictions, love addictions, internet addictions, and shopping addictions are not generally defined as to be medical conditions by most health insurance plans, and as such most insurance plans do not cover these behavioral addictions. This is not to say that […]

Addiction Behavioral Educational Luxury & Executive Treatment Paying for Rehab Recovery and Treatment Info Signs of Addiction What Addictions Can Be Treated

Behavioral Disorders and Addictions

Behavioral disorders, such as behavioral addiction, eating disorders, and impulse controls disorder, are characterized by impulsivity, or a failure to resist temptation, impulse or urge that may be harmful to oneself or others. In a clinical setting, impulsivity is characterized by five behavioral stages, impulse, growing tension, pleasure on acting, relief from the urge, and guilt […]