Make your dog famous on Instagram: 10 Easy Tips

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When it comes to keeping yourself sober, most addiction experts agree that it’s important to surround yourself with positive influences. Dogs are one of the most positive and supportive companions that a person can have in their life. Creating an Instagram account for your dog can be a great new happy to dive into to keep yourself busy and happy!

You already know your dog is amazing, but now it’s time to show the rest of the world!

Starting an Instagram account for your best dog friend can be a lot of fun. But if you don’t know what you’re doing posting on Instagram can feel a lot like you’re talking to yourself. What’s the point of posting if no one is going to see your amazing photos or your adorable furry friend, right?

Here’s a check list of 10 easy things you can do to help get your dog’s cute photos more likes and how to make your pet famous on Instagram compiled by your friendly neighborhood professional pet photographers.

How to Get More Likes & Shares on Instagram for Your Dog Account

  1. Take Better Photos of Your Dog
  2.  Focus On What Makes Your Dog Special (Or Different)
  3. Make a Personal Account For Your Dog
  4. Use the Right Hash Tags
  5. Post Consistently & Often
  6. Post at the Right Time
  7. Make Friends
  8. Try Newsjacking
  9. Be Positive
  10. Be Authentic

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