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You Won’t Believe These Dogs Are Wearing Costumes Made From Trash

A dog photographer from Baltimore, Maryland put together a series of puppy portraits featuring rescued and adopted pit bulls to help raise breed awareness and funds for a local nonprofit dog rescue rescue.

The photographer, J.B. Shepard, said that the goal of his series Paper Hats was “to show that all anyone or anything needs to shine is a second chance”. To demonstrate that he raided his recycling bin for materials and designed elaborate headdresses and collars for rescue dogs.

Regardless of what he made the costumes from, we think his Paper Hats are adorable.

the Hero from Paper Hats
the Shaman from Paper Hats
a photo of a rescue dog wearing a paper boat as a hat
the Admiral from Paper Hats
a photo of a dog wearing a red and white striped top hat
the Patriot from Paper Hats
a dog photo wearing a crown
the King from Paper Hats


To see the rest of the series or to order prints please visit

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