Addiction Signs of Addiction

Signs of Addiction

The specific signs of addiction can vary, often changing depending on the personality of the individual affiliated and the type of addiction they are suffering from, often making it difficult to determine whether the individual is or is not an addict. However, it is important to note that addiction, by its most basic definition, is unfortunately an ongoing and recurring, if not systematic, pattern of behavior, use and abuse, which can make the signs of addiction quite apparent over time.

While the specific signals or behavior markers for addiction do tend to vary from individual to individual, there are a few common signs that are applicable across most, if not all addictions.

These common addiction indicators include:

  • Increased desire to consume or using a substance or participate in a behavior.
  • Irritability, stress, or difficulty when not consuming or using a substance or participating in a behavior.
  • Major shifts in mood related to the presence or absence of the substance or behavior.
  • Inability to stop, or decrease their consumption or use of a substance, or participation in a behavior, particularly if the substance or behavior is having a negative or unwanted effect on the individual’s life or well being (i.e. creating a strain on finances, causing strife in interpersonal and romantic relationships, impacting their employment, legal troubles, etc.)

When seeking treatment, it’s important to remember that approaches to recovery, like addiction and the individuals who suffer from it, vary on a case to case basis. Therefore, it’s important to find a treatment center that will address the specific addiction, meet the unique needs of the individual addict, and cater a treatment plan based upon what is needed at that particular point in the addict’s recovery.

If you’re unsure of how to best proceed with your recovery process, we recommend contacting the knowledgeable consultants at REHBS. They can help you or your loved ones, craft a recovery plan specifically tailored to your individual recovery, comfort and financial needs, whatever they may be. 


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